I'm a guy who's always liked to know what makes things tick.
A rebel with a heart. An atheist who believes in love.
An anarchist buddhist.
I care about people and it hurts to know that the world could be a
really good place and it isn't.
I know people are naturally loving and the world corrupts them.
They in turn become part of the corrupted and corrupting world.

The need for for food, water and shelter, for companionship and fun
creates big problems when those needs are not available.
These needs could easily be available to all people but because of the
actions of corrupted people in high positions of power with the
greatest influence on what happens on national and world levels, these
basic needs are not available to over half the world's people!

It has really concerned me for about 15 years now.
I'm currently 33.
When I was 18, I browsed through someone's Nexus magazine, which is
full of conspiracy theories that I thought were junk, but there was one
very interesting article on the history of banks and banking.

I had never really thought about where money came from, who printed
it, how the banking system worked, etc. and I found it totally
fascinating. I ended up collecting the other chapters in the following
magazines, and would find other interesting articles on world control.
I travelled down many roads. I've probably read something about
every conspiracy theory out there, and it was confusing and I was
angry at these controllers I was confused about.

Then the internet came about and the information started to flood in. I
drowned for years in it..
Magic Masonic, outer-dimensional,
shape-shifting, Jesus-lineage, sun-worshipping,
Lucifer-worshipping, Metatron cube-spinning
Cabala-reading Nazi royal bankers??

But slowly, after swallowing a sea, I eventually filtered on subjects
like who owned the newspapers and TV, and how those owners were
also owners of the factories of war weaponry, and also the gold,
silver, diamond, oil, gas mines, etc. and that these companies were
basically owned by banks who were owned by a few families.

I found that the world really is owned and controlled by one big family.
This family is the Rothschild family.

I am aiming to make my site an easy way to see the big picture.

For now, I just have some links to more information and my myspace
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